Frequently Asked Question


What is ZapaTaxi?

ZapaTaxi is a platform that allows you to get quotes from a real taxi driver in real time, We provide the means to you so that you can engage with a number of drivers simultaneously to get quotes, without giving your personal details.

Why will I get a better than normal quote ?

We believe that you will be offered a better than normal quote because the driver know they are competing with each other and your job details without any personal details have been passed to a number of licensed taxi drivers in your vicinity.

I left something in the taxi, how do I get it back ?

The details for your driver have been provided to you by email and are recorded in your taxi user account, please contact the driver directly in the first instance, secondly contact us and we will contact the driver and get back to you.

What is the aim and purpose of ZapaTaxi ?

We want to ensure everyone gets a good deal, to reduce the dead time that our partners experience and to ensure that our users the customers are getting the best deal.

Am I obliged to book my Taxi when I press the 'get quotes' button?

Not at all, pressing the 'get quotes' button will send your request to our operators who will then feedback a price. You will have to press the 'book now' button next to your chosen quote in order to confirm the booking.

How do I pay for my Taxi ?

At present we only offer one option and that is pay cash direct to the driver, remember your quote is a contract and the driver is obliged to carry out that contract at that price, unless of course you make stop offs along the way or change your destination. In that case we would recommend that you agree a price with the driver for this.

Remember that the driver will of course want a positive review and should in no way offer unreasonable terms to you for alternative journey.

More reviews means more business, means more money!!!

How do I cancel a booking I have made ?

It is really easy to cancel the booking.

If you no longer require the taxi, PLEASE make sure you call the driver on the number that has been provided to you by us on your booking confirmation. Remember that your driver is on his way to you, as can be tracked by you on the track my Taxi feature that we offer to registered users.

If the driver is outside your door than it is common courtesy to offer the driver a couple of quid to apologies for driving to your door.

Please remember to leave a positive review in light of this driver’s effort.

I have made a booking and the details are incorrect ?

Please contact your driver immediately and get an alternative quote.

Will ZapaTaxi charge me a fee for using the service?

Absolutely not, there are no hidden charges when using ZapaTaxi. You will only be charged the amount that was quoted to you. This forms part of the contract between you and the driver for that specific journey. As stated earlier if you change the journey specifications as stated on your original quote then the taxi may charge you extra, but this should be a reasonable amount, as we have stated the reasons before. If for any reason your chosen Taxi Driver deviates from this quoted price then please contact us and we will intervene and request the Taxi Driver to return this to you.

ZapaTaxi charges the driver on a per job basis, and in no way will this be passed onto you, you have your quote upfront and pay what you have been quoted, what you tip the driver is up to you based upon the service you receive, which is not mandatory.

Why do I need to give my mobile number ?

Most importantly, we need to know that you are a real person!

We will send you a onetime pin via SMS that you will need to enter into the 'verify me' box to confirm your booking. Your privacy is important to us and your details will not be shared with any third parties.

We only send the driver your pick up and drop off details prior to you confirming the booking, so the taxi driver is able to quote you at this stage.

We only provide your personal details, such as telephone number and name to your chosen driver after the booking is confirmed by you, so the driver can contact you if need arises, We provide you with the driver details when you confirm the booking so that you can contact the driver if the need arises.

ZapaTaxi is not serving my area ?

Hey if we have not got any Taxis operating in your area then you can be rest assured that we will be there very soon.

If you know any Taxi Drivers that could do with a boost to their income, and want to see a smile on their face next time they pick you up, then point them in our direction and we will partner up with them, so that we can have a ZapaTaxi community in your area, it does not cost them anything up front and is a pay as you go system geared to take away some of the stress and worry that they face each day.

Is the Taxi Licensed or Registered ?

All the taxi drivers that are partnered with us are registered and licensed by the relevant authority in your area and these are Licensed Taxi’s that operate under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 and Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 and not minicabs or private hire vehicles, Taxis and their drivers usually have to go through a more rigorous process in order to attain and maintain their license.

Taxis are regulated and licensed by the local authority to which they belong and redress is through them, and not the private operator as is the case for minicabs and private hire vehicles and drivers, if you had an issue you would in these circumstances go to the local authority.

We issue advice to all users and repeat this advice at this following link - Safety Advice

How can I contact ZapaTaxi ?

You can get in contact with a member of our team by emailing - we aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours. If your query is urgent please call your Taxi Driver who will be happy to help.