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ZapaTaxi is the smartest way to book your taxi.

We have partnered up with many licensed taxis and drivers in your area.

We know that prices can vary for taxis in your local area. it is always better to get a few quotes before you commit

Here at ZapaTaxi, our system gives you multiple prices, from several drivers in your locality, on your desktop or Smartphone. You don't even have to negotiate with the driver, we do that for you, the driver knows to be in the running they must give the best price first time.

Not only that we use our advanced ZapaTaxi technology to look for the closest taxis to your location and request them to give their best fixed price, you then decide which taxi to select based upon price and rating, which is left by previous users.

The licensed taxi drivers are fully aware that they are competing with others in the area and will give a fixed price based upon the details you have input.

We want to help both taxi drivers and users get a good deal.

Taxi Driver

Recent studies have shown that a Taxi Drivers day can potentially consist of 60% dead time, this equates to the time when you are sitting idle waiting in a queue or a taxi rank for the next fare.

Would it not be good to try and resolve this and reduce some of the dead time, so you have more active time earning money.

With ZapaTaxi, we are confident that our proposition will help you reduce both your dead time and dead mileage.

You could be in the area as you have taken a job out that way and the customer may be going your way, so it may be advantageous for you to quote slightly less as it is on your way and going in your direction.

ZapaTaxi gives you the potential to earn twice as much, because you will no longer be sitting in a taxi queue waiting for your next job, or be reliant upon the office to select you for a job.

It has been know that these queues can be 2 hours long, some days.

This will in turn free up the taxi ranks and stop the congestion at these ranks, keeping them running smoothly.

Passengers will love you for being prompt, reliable and competitive.

ZapaTaxi will allow you the Taxi Driver to actively compete for the work.

Look after your work and your work will look after you!

We do believe that you must Diversify to Win!

Why not Become a Partner and join the winning team?

Taxi User's

Get a licensed taxi with a fixed price.

Once you have your price, then that is fixed, unless the details change from what you have given.

Have you ever left anything in a taxi and had to ring round several companies to try and retrieve your valuables, with no luck, well now you don't have to, you have the drivers number to ring direct.

Know which taxi you are getting into, all the details will be stored in your mini account, and sent to you by email and SMS.

The taxi's will only bid on jobs that are of value to them so they will be much happier picking up a job that they chose of value to them, it may well be something that takes them home or to their next job.

So in short....

You can rest assured all drivers are licensed and insured.

- Empowers Drivers to give good service and enables them to bid for jobs.

- Autonomy allows drivers to take jobs that are of value to them in turn providing best value to the customer.

- Security ensures that both customer and driver are aware of who is picking them up and they are picking up, repeat business .

- A pool of taxis in your finger tips.

- Economical less dead mileage, giving you the taxi driver another opportunity to get more work.

- Fixed Prices giving best value to customer as they have effectively auctioned their job and they know what they will pay upfront and get best value from a range of taxis.